Sunday, November 04, 2012

in which i rock and roll all night....

actually, i haven't decided how i'm going to be spending my extra hour this evening.

for most folks, this is a non-issue, as the hour we* fall back happens at 2am, when most of the population is fast asleep. of the past 12 years that i have lived in south carolina (i know- it doesn't seem like it's been that long to me, either!), i have reaped the rewards of an extra hour of sleep a few times, but i have enjoyed getting paid for an extra hour of work a greater number of times.

most of that pay came from one radio station or another. the first time we "fell back" after i moved here, i was working overnights at a rock station. i can't, for the life of me, remember whether i pulled the saturday night overnight shift over at the classic rock station or the "modern" rock station, but one way or another, i assume i was able to either play this:

or else i was trying to figure out if i could get away with playing this**:

by the following year, i was gainfully employed by the top 40 station in town, where this might have been on the playlist:

more likely, though, i was stuck spending part of the extra hour talking to the "marble mouthed man", who liked to call local radio stations in the middle of the night and try to hit on female djs. (i know i've talked about him before, though it was a long, long time ago. if you search for "marble" on here, he'll probably come up toward the top of the results, especially since it's not like i've devoted posts to extolling the virtues of fancy countertops or anything like that.)

after a few years at that station, i found myself across the hall at the country station. i'd give you a "night" song i might have possibly played over there, but given that i spent my time at the country station feigning a fondness of country music, i prefer to give you a more current guilty pleasure of mine:****

by last year, i was no longer working the overnight shift at the country station, so i'm pretty sure i got that extra hour of sleep that most folks will enjoy this evening. 

this year, however, i'm back to working overnights on the weekends- this time for an answering service. there won't be any real rocking or rolling this evening, unless i get bored between calls and decide to burn calories rolling around the building in one of the "less than stable chairs" we have floating around. (while most are perfectly normal, there's one that no one warned me about. i sat in it and almost immediately wound up on the floor. i believe my reaction, aside from laughing my head off, of course, was to declare that it was not a chair, but a thrill ride.)

fortunately, at this job we answer for a lot of hospitals and medical practices, so when i injure myself, at least i should be able to get medical attention within a reasonable amount of time.*****

*except for arizonians, of course

**answer: probably not. sadly, in 2000, slaughter didn't really have a niche in the current music scene, despite the fact that they toured that summer with danzig, cinderella and poison***

***i know, because i went to the show in kansas city that summer, just before i moved out here. unfortunately, the other two musketeers and i miscalculated the line-up at that concert, and instead of missing danzig's show while we were at the local tattoo/piercing parlor, we inadvertently missed slaughter's performance. while jamie and lisa were relatively unfazed, i was almost as annoyed by this miscalculation as i was at the drunk concertgoers who kept talking about my blue hair. (it was purple, dammit.)

****holy crap- when did corey feldman and debbie gibson become old enough to be believable parents of someone over the age of ten? that's just not cool. it reminds me of that "star trek" reboot, where winona ryder was cast as spock's mother. :~(

*****thank goodness there are folks in the medical profession who aren't getting that extra hour of sleep, either. 

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