Saturday, November 17, 2012

lost....and found

it's been quiet around here......almost too quiet. 

for that, i apologize. 

i used to post religiously, and then i went on hiatus, and then i posted sporadically, and then i went back on hiatus, and then i had a streak of posts and then i disappeared for a brief period (during which i ran away to florida to, well, run, actually.)

and now i'm back. 

looking at my little stat tracker thingamajig*, it appears a couple of folks missed me, including the person in peru who searched for "gerard batler look" and found me, as well as the individual somewhere in texas who was trying to find a picture of "gerard depardieu skinny".

i don't think they found exactly what they were looking for here, but how often does one really find exactly what they're looking for? i mean, i've yet to come up with the violet velvet doc martens one of my tennis partners sported in high school. (black velvet? yes. purple? no. allanah myles would be satisfied. i, however, am not.)

on a vaguely related note (believe me, it's a stretch, but at 1am, you should expect such things from me), i'm really looking forward to finally being able to witness a celestial event later this evening. the leonid meteor shower is supposed to peak just before dawn, and for once, the skies are clear here. since i'm working, i won't have long to look, but if i can find just one shooting star, i'm going to declare it a success.**

*yes, that is a technical term.

**hey- at least it puts me ahead of the person looking for "gerard batler"....

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