Thursday, November 22, 2012

i'd like to thank the academy.....

i have always wanted to say that.

over on facebook, i've seen friends posting all month about the things they're thankful for. it's been a while since I last posted a list over here, so i suppose now is as good a time as any to take care of two birds (turkeys, perhaps?) with one stone:

ten things i'm thankful for at the moment

1. i've always been the "glass is half full" sort. 

sometimes, shit happens. however, it's usually possible to step over it and keep it from totally ruining your day (and those sweet new shoes you just spent a fortune on.)

2. it doesn't take much to make me happy.

in fact, today i noticed there was mistletoe in my favorite tree, and that was enough to make me happy. seriously- seeing mistletoe was enough to do it. imagine what would happen if i had a winning powerball ticket....

 (on the other hand, i know people who are never happy, no matter how much they have. i pity those people.)

3. my parents raised me to have a decent work ethic

this has come in pretty handy on multiple occasions- especially with my recent job change.* my sibling and i were taught at a very young age that if we needed money, we needed to find a job. (in my case, that's usually meant adding on another job.) self sufficiency is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

4. i have very good friends/family.

they'd probably take my collect calls from jail, even if they might not actually pay my bail. were i to wind up in the hospital, seemingly unresponsive, they'd have the doctors checked to make sure i'm not actually suffering from "locked in" syndrome. they live in places i want to visit... and give me a place to crash when i darken their doorsteps. they look after my mini saber tooth when I'm out of town. they let me vent. they send me care packages. they keep my secrets. they warn me when there's something stuck in my teeth- and when i've gotten toilet paper stuck to my shoe.....again. they let me use their song pop accounts** when i feel the need to show off my musical identification prowess. they don't openly wince when i massacre those same songs on karaoke night. in short, they pretty much rock.

5. while I'm far from rich, i make enough to pay the bills and be able to travel.

life is short, and the world is a mighty big place. 

6. i've never been the sort to get drunk and wind up topless on film (or in pixels).

i will be even more grateful for this if/when i become famous- i have no doubt. 

7. i'm not allergic to cheese.

i know this sounds silly to you, but believe me, a life without cheese is something i cannot fathom- and not just because string cheese = instant happiness. 

8. like my dad, i don't take life too seriously. 

life is short....might as well have at least a little fun. when i get around to getting hitched, i can assure you it won't be to a stuffy grown up. it'll be to someone who appreciates my childlike exuberance and zest for life.***

9. i have my health and my youthful good looks.

the former is more important than the latter by far, and not just because i'm currently uninsured. 

10. i can spare a little to help out others.

warm fuzziness from helping others makes me pretty happy, too. (not as happy as getting kissed under mistletoe, mind you, but it ranks above both string cheese and those little baby cheese wheels that come encased in wax.)

*don't worry- it'll be in the holiday letter this year.

**i'd get a gadget and set up my own but, seriously, i'd become an addict and never get anything else done.

***and my puns. gotta be able to appreciate my puns, most of which are bad. 

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