Tuesday, May 01, 2007

wham, bam

i'm afraid i'm only good for a quickie this evening. (that noise you just heard was my sweet, innocent little sister gasping at my choice of words.) you see, i'm not quite sleepy, but i really don' feel like dealing with the heap of avon products in my living room just yet, and i'm using the excuse that i don't have time to stay up and deal with avon, and yet here i am, sitting on my butt, pounding out a post and wondering

1. why thirteen people actually admit to reading this boring drivel and

2. how come i haven't had a new subscribe in almost a month?

guess that means i should write about something so incredibly entertaining* that my two and a half handfuls of readers will be unable to resist the urge to tell everyone they know about how brilliantly funny i am and it'll just snowball and pretty soon matthew mconaughey and val kilmer will show up at my front door, demanding that i run away with them and regale them with my amusing anecdotes for the rest of their lives.

ok- maybe not. maybe i just don't have it in me this evening. besides, i should probably get to bed before i start feeling guilty about ignoring the heap on makeup in the middle of my living room floor.

*to that end, just send them to one of my posts from the past month. i swear there are a few that are at least mildly amusing, yet none of them have very many comments.


Joe said...

Don't let comments get you down! Spring is in the air - people are frolicking in fields of wheat and corn and soy beans with sunshine and rainbows filling the air. Once everyone gets sick of it, people will be pounding out the comments.

The Rover said...

Uh, more booty pics = more comments. Just sayin'...

And for the record, I started reading this well before booty shots were even dreamed of, so no accusing me of just being here for the hot duff action.
Though it does keep me coming back for more...

duff said...

joe: long time, noo see. how was the hiatus?

rover: surprisingly, not many folks have commented on the booty. it's enough to make me want to hit the treadmill in the morning.

Kal said...

Oh, OK, I'll comment on the booty.

Nice booty.

There, happy?

(Was holding my comment to lessen the creep-out factor... Failed, I guess)

duff said...

kal: "nice"? "nice"?!? that's all?


back to the treadmill.....