Sunday, May 06, 2007

where's levar burton when i need him?

i'm afraid i don't have the time or inspiration to come up with something witty and entertaining this evening (hey- they can't all be winners), so instead, a few overdue recommendations:

books i've read lately, and think you'd like, too:

my first five husbands (and the ones who got away) by rue mcclanahan
(if you don't take me up on any of my other recommendations, at least give this one a shot)

welcome to the monkey house by kurt vonnegut

the lake of dead languages by carol goodman
(i read this from cover to cover today, rather than doing any actual work.)

and josh kilmer-purcell's memoir, the exact title of which escapes me, but i know i mentioned it somewhere in a past post.

and for your music collection:

continuum- john mayer

eagerly awaiting:

*the new maroon 5 cd (out may 22nd)
*the new laurie notaro book (out this week? next week? i really need to look into that while i'm online this evening.)
*the cirque du soleil show (saltimbanco, i think it's called) that's touring arenas, though nothing within an hour or two of columbia yet)

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