Monday, May 07, 2007

argh! the purple pixie just won't shut up!

i started a new book last night- it's by norah somebody or other. so far, it's pretty good, though not good enough for me to be able to come up with the title at the moment.

funny- i thought i was a little too young (and sober) for short-term memory loss to rear its ugly head.

as i bang away at the keyboard this evening (waiting to watch 24- the bosses record it, and then we skip through the commercials- at least two of which, much to dismay, wind up featuring scantily-clad victoria's secret models strutting around. every time he realizes he's too late to stop and catch the ad, he groans. i haven't exactly worked out why he doesn't just rewind back to the beginning of the strutting, but i suspect it's because he figured she'd get upset by his ogling and smother him in his sleep or something.), i've got a cat in my lap and "1999" by prince in my head. i don't mind the former in the least, and ordinarily the latter wouldn't be a big deal, as i've always liked the song, but it's been on an endless loop since a coworker at the radio station made some comment about the purple pixie yesterday.

the last time i heard a song this many times in a row, interestingly enough, was back on new year's eve, 1998 (by which i mean december 31, 1998) when i was home for christmas break and the alternative station in kansas city played the song overandoverandover as a gimmick to draw attention to their upcoming change in format.*

i recall spending that new year's eve at a small gathering at tammy floyd's house (where, if memory serves, not only did i step on the hem of my silk dress (thank goodness for banana republic's outlet store), but i think i might have also smooched one of her younger brothers.) listening to 107.3** play "1999" followed by a remix that inretrospect seems like it was roughly the same length as "inna-gadda-da-vida" (the extended version with the drum solo that goes on for about ten minutes longer than it should), but probably was only a mere 5 or 6 minutes, compared to the 3 1/2 minute original version.

to this day, i wonder how/why we sat through such repetition for multiple hours. the only explanation i can possibly come up with is:

it was new years' eve, and we were too busy drinking (let's see- most of us were 20 in 1988....) grape juice and/or ginger ale (hey- the color's about right) to care.

now, what on earth was it i was going to sit down and write about this evening? for some reason, it escapes me......

*note to non-radio people: "format" = the type of music a radio station plays

**in another semi-interesting aside, i used to know a dj who worked there. i called him the night i wrote my senior paper, and after several phone conversations, actually wound up meeting him at the station a couple of times. theoretically, i was going to be his intern. however, it became clear pretty quickly that he wasn't interested in a "strictly professional business relationship". glad that didn't work out.


Callie said...

Man - even in 1999 I could only stand that song for a little while. And that was like the year's anthem.

I've always thought he was over-rated, anyway.

duff said...

callie: nah- just undertall.