Saturday, June 03, 2006

sentence saturday

has it really been a week already?

the first word this week is spogorted. scroll through the comments to find your word, use it in a sentence, and then leave a new made-up word for the next person who stops by.

thanks for playing with me again this weekend!


DrM2B said...

HA! first Bi-otches.....spogorted is when retired seniors are on a pogo roll and slipp...thereby losing their way on the snr pogo route or as its been slangized to spogorted.

my new word is: loutonizing

Kal said...

I took my cat out for a loutonizing, but they said I didn't have enough money. So I just had the cat stuffed instead.


duff said...

i'd searched all over the house for my missing cat. while i was far from thrilled that the dig had chased her into the dryer and shut the door, she was downright fersnazzled.


Osbasso said...

I just spent the morning planting the new crop of pothincus in the garden while listening to Duff on WNOK 104.7, South Carolina's #1 Hit Music Station! Really!


duff said...

i sat there idly picking my bellybutton, for lack of anything better to do. i must've picked deeper than ever before, as i puled out something downright phleppilious.


mr_g said...

When I saw where the German Shepheard was licking and how much she was smiling, I was thinkalded with disgust...though a bit aroused in a weird way..


LBseahag said...

I once confused being scoptropified with being someone who always needs to have the last word.


mr_g said...

I haven't eaten a Kukalooka bar in years!


Labbie said...

Because we had all eaten beans the day before, we decided to meet at the flatulestabule to discuss our plans for world domination. It was a short meeting.


Chris said...

The spikulization on the circuit was maxing out. Anymore and the whole thing would go up in smoke.


duff said...

ok, gang. thanks to chris, we'll start things off next weekend with nakanix. thanks for stopping by this weekend!