Saturday, June 10, 2006

how much pop culture can i possibly squeeze into one post?

a lot.

i was quiet all week, much to my sibling's disappointment, especially on wednesday, when i failed to observe that purple pop pixie's 48th birthday. (to make up for it, i am fully prepared to sing "1999" in its entirety* to anyone who the next ten minutes.)

surprisingly, when sibling called me at the ungodly hour of 8:30 am wednesday, she failed to mention that welsh crooner/sex symbol tom jones was celebrating his 66th birthday. *sigh* priorities, people, priorities.**

while i'm getting caught up on birthdays,i was stunned to learn that tom hanson turned 43 did edward and sam......i'd still happily date any (or all) of the three.


okay, now that i'm caught up on birthdays, let's focus a little attention on the upcoming holiday. i freely admit, i haven't done squat in the way of shopping for father's day, though daddy knows a couple of ideas i have been tossing around. (i'm kind enough to steer clear of the traditionally ugly father's day ties, though we may have to start some sort of "ugly tie" competition in the future....all i have to do is find something that clashes with his favorite bright orange wool jacket in a way that is simultaneously repulsive and intriguing, and i'm sure to win.***

if, like me, you're stuck in a bind when it comes to father's day gifts, and you have a spare $2150 to spend, the options are endless:

~4300 cans of soda
~143 cds
~86 dvds
~1 invitation to britney spears' wedding plus a free candle from the reception.

yeah, you read that right- the winner of that particular auction shelled out over two thousand bucks for the privilege of adding those items to their collection of britney memorabilia, which, i might add, also includes britney's pregnancy test and a half empty bottle of water she left at the hospital after delivering her first child.

pair that with a good prince album, and what more could dad possibly want?

*well, the lines i can remember, anyway

**the two artists share another link, besides their shared birthday. who can come up with it first?

***crap- my sibling, who checks in regularly, probably read that part, and will steal my idea next year. perhaps i need some sort of "plan b"


Osbasso said...

I believe you're looking for this song.

"I just want your extra time and your...

duff said...

actually, this is a bit of a surprise- you beat both kal and mossy to it....

i found out during my internet wanderings that tom has an entire album of covers will be mine. oh yes, it will be mine.

good show, osbasso.