Thursday, June 15, 2006

bringing out the ice, ice baby

i just drove two miles out of my way heading back from the bank, because when i passed through the construction zone the first time, two rather attractive young mexican dudes waved, and a third smiled at me.

unfortunately, none of the three were anywhere to be found during my trip back through the construction zone.

all was not lost, however- while waiting for my turn to pass through the zone, i became fascinated by the guy holding the "stop/slow" sign. i'm not sure if he was indulging his inner vanilla ice or what, but i haven't seen anyone with diagonal lines shaved into their eyebrows in years.


Labbie said...

So, uh, you like Mexican?

.: raven :. said...

that is friggin hilarious ... omg i used to do that to my son's hair when he was about ... oh .. um 6 or 7????


Chris said...

Say the word and I will shave my eyebrows, too!