Sunday, June 11, 2006

procrastination tattool

i suppose it's a bit of an understatement to say that SO is just a tad straight laced. he turns pale at the mention of dyeing my hair purple (it was such a great color). he accepts my multiple ear piercings, though i know for a fact he was relieved when a less visible piercing was taken out, and i swear he actually stopped breathing the last time i mentioned getting it redone the next time i make it to mardi gras.

in light of such reactions, i know better than to even contemplate getting another tattoo while in his presence.

however, i think i can get away with playing around with them here.


Labbie said...

I am thinking of a place where that "less visible piercing" might have been... And I like it.

So, uh, did you get that thing I sent you? And did you like it?

Callie said...


Love little Sebastian peeking out there. Very cute.

Maybe you and your guy could come to an agreement on where and what to tattoo???

just thinking said...

less visible ?

jamwall said...

i wrote the entire gettysburg address on this chicks stomach..

she'll be sore for about four scores and severn years...

duff said...

labbie: got it- yes.
have had time to read it- i'm ashamed to say "no". i'll have to print it out and take it on the plane next week, at the rate i'm going.

callie: thanks. it's actually a crab i found on some north carolina seafood restaurant's website about six years ago....though theirs was red and orange.

as for another tattoo,i believe his position on that would be "none" and "nowhere".

just thinking: yep.

jamwall: you're far better at that sort of thing than i. i could barely draw well enough to make a circle....and i think my four year old sidekick could have done a better job, actually.

Labbie said...

And here I thought I wrote it short enough. Well, it's good airplane reading... I wish I had the connections to make it into a small, black and white film.