Saturday, February 03, 2007

sounds like "whoa"?

i'm feeling listful today (as in "full of lists", not "the opposite of listless")- don't bother looking it up- it's a word i think i just invented. perhaps it'll make it into the dictionary after "bootylicious"....timewise, not alphabetically, of course.

you know, i had a dream last night where i said something about how i was babbling and needed to go to bed. still feeling pretty much the same way, but they won't let me bring my futon to the rado station. i suppose it's just as well, as the futon itself has been buried under a pile of stuffed animals (i'll admit it. wanna make somethin' of it?) and possibly my lost sock collection (i'm a little afraid to look) since roughly around the time we last had a democratic president.

but i'm rambling....about rambling, no less. go figure.

so, that list i was talking about:

1. if ted nugent, jack blades, tommy shaw, and that fourth guy whose name i can never remember don't get out of my head soon, it might not be very pretty around here. seriously, how many times do i need to hear "don't stay the night, say you're gonna stay forever, whoa whoa whoa, something that sounds like whoa......." in my noggin? i mean, it's not as bad as the time i had the grease megamix stuck in there (i almost took up drinking over that one, just so i'd be too busy trying to keep words from flying out of my mouth to think about summer lovin'), but it's a close call.

2. since my plan to go to bermuda in march has been thwarted, i need to come up with a new destination.....and figure out when i'm going to skip town again. is there ever a good time to visit washington and oregon? might as well try to get them knocked off my list this year.

3. in the meantime, i'm working like a fiend. bring on the extra hours...and the overnight babysitting, when possible. nothing like getting paid to sleep in someone else's bed. at the rate i'm going, this month's CD (i'm trying to buy one a month, so if i have an "oh shit" moment somewhere down the road, i'll be able to get back out of it without going bankrupt.) could be $2000, twice what i'd planned on getting.

4. just realized i have a zit where my right earlobe meets my jaw. how the heck did that happen? i think it's just there to annoy me....sort of like all my other zits.

5. another concert in less than a week- john mayer, this time. perhaps i'll get dressed up and look like a girl for the show. perhaps i'll be lazy and just wear jeans. perhaps i should consult the monstrously large growth under my earlobe. i swear, this thing has an actual pulse. think i'll name it steve.

6. five christmas cards to go...not counting the ones that have been returned. i should just bring the whole pile to work with me tomorrow and send the letter out via email. i hate to lose the personal touch, but i also hate that i'm now a month and a half late....though, as shaun likes to say: "better late than pregnant".

7. you may have heard that we were supposed to get snow this past thursday. we did- for a whopping five minutes, before it turned to rain. i thought about going outside and making mud angels, but decided that it might be too much of a pain in my butt to try to get the mudstains back out of my clothes, and doing it naked was out, since i seriously doubt any of my neighbors want to see me naked, even though....

8. .....i've been consistenly working out for almost a month now. my bikini butt still isn't jaw-droppingly awesome, but i don't need it to be for another month. i'll be heading to the tennis courts after work today, and i'm currently contemplating hopping on the treadmill in our state of the art "fitness center"- which, i am thrilled to report, has finally been sort of walled off, so not everyone with an office in the area will have to suffer through the odiferous effects of a good workout.

9. this wintry weather (stop laughing- it's been in the 50s around here lately!) is tearing my hands up. i've been living on lotion lately, and i still don't want to hold anyone's hand, for fear they'll notice all the cuts on mine (dry, cracking skin is tres sexy, non?), and run away shrieking, as if i had leprosy, or some such equally funky ailment.(not that shaun is currently willing to hold my hand anyway, since i snicker every time he shivers and complains about the cold (on sixty degree days!).

10. finally found time for a date with shaun this week. "smokin' aces" was really good, though i still prefer that jeremy piven classic, "pcu"....which, incidentally, makes me think of "pump it up" by elvis costello*, which happens to be my favorite song in his repertoire, which is a vast improverment over jack blades endlessly begging me to stay with him forever.

*i hate to admit it, but i had no clue what that song was actually about until about a year ago......sort of like what happened with "dancing with myself", which happens to be one of my favorite billy idol songs. does this make me a pervert?


Jo said...

What? Shaun??? Does mysterious SO actually have a real name?

duff said...

yep- i'm afraid so. we're totally out at work, so i dropped the SO a few months ago. may revive it, though.