Sunday, December 17, 2006

dude, where's my igloo?

there's something a little surreal about sticking snowflake stamps on christmas cards when it's sunny and 75 degrees outside.

no, i'm not having a flashback to earlier this year, when i probably should have started scribbling out my annual stack of cards. (come to think of it, perhaps if i start scribbling in august, i might actually get the last card into the mail before christmas each year, instead of closer to valentines day.)

i wrote my first card today, while the sun shone and butterflies frolicked in the seventy-something-degree weather here in columbia.

i'd love to meet the politicians who are convinced that global warming is nothing more than a myth. because of this "myth", i've had to practice making "mud angels" instead of "snow angels" for the past week.....and let me just tell you that believe it or not, shout does not necessarily get all stubborn stains out. in fact, unless we get some snow around here PDQ, i'm going to have to buy new brown shoes to match whatwill be the most prevalent color in my wardrobe.

furthermore, people are starting to look at me funny (well, funnier than usual) when i tell them i'm trying to perfect my igloo-building skills. i feel that practice makes perfect, and judging from some of the rather lumpy, unstable structures that my sibling and i constructed in our younger years, i think lots of practice is in order before we'll have any viable, eskimo-friendly real estate on our hands. unfortunately, when one practices making igloos in seventy-degree weather, the structural integrity of said igloos becomes very dodgy very quickly.......hence the extra opportunities for practicing one's "mud angel" techniques.

unfortunately, i have also learned that the best way to get attention around here is to practice making mud angels on public lawns. some of the spectators have been quite helpful, particularly the guy the other day who suggested that my clothes wouldn't get nearly so dirty if i were to practice making mud angels without them.

inspired by his suggestion, i quickly grabbed another jacket out of my car.


chuckawucka said...

Same with us Canadians up here: we would usually be knee-high in snow right now, freezing our butts off in -20 degree Celsius weather (-4 Farenheit?). But here I am, sitting with my window open in my pj pants and a t-shirt while there's not a snowflake in sight.

Though I can't say the same for my Western Canada counterparts - apparently their snow fell on time while parts of Eastern Canada had a freak 'snow' fall somewhere in November.

Weird stuff. I mean, what's Canada without our frosty-ness?

bricotrout said...

im just not sure i can see you headbanging to ratt or cinderella or accept or girlschool

Kristi said...

hEY! There you are!

I'm one of those people that shops all year round for gifts for people. Trouble being I don't remember who and what I got by the time Christmas roles around.
so I end up with extra's.
Good I suppose for that surprise friend that I forgot about.
As for cards......
I do them in shifts.
I used to be real good and get them out on the 1st every year.
Now I do half and then another half and then the 'oh look who I got a card from. Better send them one' half.

Have a merrry Christmas Duff!

.: raven :. said...

Merry Christmas girl!