Sunday, December 24, 2006

bless you, charlotte.... do i love free wi-fi? let me count the ways....interestingly enough, i can't get onto myspace from here, because of "mature/adult content". shows what they know, as i have never claimed to be an adult, let alone mature.

the drive up from columbia was relatively uneventful, though the panicked rifling through my backpack in search of my wallet for parking money was adequately exciting...especially since in this day and age, you can't get past the airport entrance without your i.d.

you know how there's always that one chronic cougher on the airplane? let me apologize in advance, in case any of you are planning on being on my northwest flight to detroit in about an hour, as it's totally going to be me this time. i can't begin to tell you how great my radio shifts must have sounded this weekend. i swear i don't have a 3 pack a day habit- just some pesky phlegm or something trying to make an escape. gum's not helping, nor did cough drops. i wonder if they have an honey at the kfc express across the hall from me. do you think ordering about twelve packs of honey might raise some eyebrows? then again, when have i ever been really concerned about that?

it's 70 degrees in columbia today. needless to say, the weather in maine (40s) is sure to be a shock to my system. on the other hand, i stand a far better chance of being able to show off my snow-angel making skills up north, since the closest we're getting to snow down here involves an ally sheedy/breakfast club imitation.

feeling rambly and tired....might be back from detroit airport (3 hour layover), but only if they're enlightened like charlotte and have free wifi. otherwise, perhaps i should see how many trips through their psychadelic walkway i can manage in 3 hours.......


Kristi said...

Sorry about the pesky cough.
that kind of thing always sucks large butts.
especially if you are in the public a lot. As you are...well not so much in the public as specaking to them. caught my eye with the Charlotte of course.
by the way...she has the sick too.

LBseahag said...

no porn or myspace? that sucks...

happy new year :)

Labbie said...

No "Duff" Porn on MySpace? Well, that REALLY sucks. By the way, you've been tagged. Respond at your leisure.