Sunday, December 10, 2006

don't close the coffin just yet.....

....i'm not dead, i swear!

i will be so glad when the holiday rush is finally over. (funny- i think i said the very same around this time last year, too.)

i've got makeup orders flying in and out of my apartment. i've got a stack of cards to address. i've got an equally large stack of photocopies of my epic holiday letter. i've got addresses on little scraps of paper. i've got scraps of paper with the names of people whose current addresses i lack. i've got stress at work. i've got a spot on my thumb where some medicine my doctor put on a wart to make it go away somehow covered more than the intended target and now i'm thinking i'll lose not only the wart (a good thing), but possibly the whole damned thumb (not so good). i've got an apartment to shovel out, as i've had enough of the piles of stuff. i've got a cd wishlist but no room to put any of the cds, should i actually get them. i've got some rather thin spots in my jeans. i've got to figure out what to buy for other people for christmas. i've got to figure out whether or not i feel like giving the boss who's stressing me out a holiday gift. i've got tangles. (yeah- like that's a new development.) i've got to get more sleep. i've got to get onto the treadmill. i've got a headache from staring at my computer too long.

come to think of it, with all i've got, what is there left to ask for for christmas?

besides val kilmer, of course.

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Kal said...

Yo. Just checking in. Been a while.