Tuesday, February 13, 2007

if you want to, baby here i am

(not an offer- just a line from a prince song. unless you're val kilmer or matthew mcconaughey, of course.)

i'm not quite sure why i have the little purple pixie on my mind tonight, but there ya go. actually, i take that back. i'd set out to write about romance this evening (given that tomorrow is valentine's day and whatnot), and naturally prince is the first person who comes to mind when you hear the word "romance". *

so, somehow i went from thinking deep thoughts, like:

"know what's wrong with the alphabet? u and i aren't closer together."

"i may not be fred flintstone, but i'd sure like to make your bedrock."

"your daddy must be a terrorist, because you're the bomb!"**

to equally deep thoughts like:

"i'll only call you after if you say i can."

"she wore a raspberry beret."

"the kind you want your mama to meet....she's a peach."

naturally, i've completely lost my train of thought (now there's a first!), and cannot possibly think of any more witty, charming pickup lines that may potentially keep you from being alone this valentine's day. so, i'm leaving the task to you. what are some of your favorite pickup lines? some of the cheesiest? some that actually led to someone else's clothing winding up on your floor?




*interestingly enough, he's also the first person who comes to mind when i hear the phrase "assless chaps", despite my never actually seeing that particular sight....sort of like a certain superbowl where everyone else in america got a good look at janet jackson's boob. to this day, i still have yet to catch up. i'm told these things happen when one leads a sheltered life.

**yeah- not so funny post-911.....at least john ashcroft didn't think so, anyway.