Monday, February 05, 2007

can't get you outta my head....

for once, i actually have time to write a post during the week, and while i was inspired approximately 2 1/2 hours ago, now i can't remember a single thing i was going to write about.


so, instead of something funny, or meaningful, or maybe even both, here's a sample of some of what came up while my ipod shuffled today:

"big dictionary"- faster pussycat (i'd forgotten how much i liked this song.)

"what u do 2 me"- boomkat (see? prince isn't the only 1 2 use numbers 4 words)

"my own way"- duran duran

"brick house"- the commodores (because i am, dammit!)

"close to you"- the cure (closest, not closer mix. i can't get the other one to load properly, for some reason)

"shake your love"- debbie gibson (stop laughing. "out of the blue" was the first tape i bought with my own money.)

"high enough"- damn yankees (just when i finally had that one out of my head)

"teen angst"- cracker (because what the world needs now is a new frank sinatra....)

"horny toad"- prince

"every monday"- the marvelous 3 (just ordered another of their cds this weekend. how do i love butch walker? let me count the ways.....)

"lovefool"- the cardigans (perhaps i should raid amazon for one of their cds...just as soon as the batch i just ordered arrives.)

"fuego"- bond

oh- and noticed this morning while on the treadmill that my earbuds seem to be dying already. as you might imagine, i am not thrilled by this latest development.

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