Tuesday, January 23, 2007

you say you want a resolution......

....well, i hate to disappoint, but i didn't actually make any this year.

interestingly enough, with the pressure off, i've actually been working out regularly, eating better, and managing to stuff more money into the bank. with that in mind, here are a few other resolutions i'm not bothering to make this year:

1. take more trips......and visit at least three places i've never been before.

this should be pretty easy. i've already got ireland lined up for july, and i'm working on bermuda for mid-march, so that leaves me the rest of the year to find myself doing something outdoorsy in a previously unexplored area. (anyone up for camping in a national park????)

2. get more sleep.

this'll be a tough one, as i'll have to give up either working, reading or wild jungle sex*. (if i could get SO to hold my books for me, i could multitask, leaving me more time for naps.)

3. start writing my best-selling autobiography.

actually, i probably should start small....like maybe i should finish mailing out my last five christmas cards (not counting the ones that were returned because some people, for reasons i completely understand, refuse to live in one place their entire lives) first.

*kidding. i don't even hold hands, as SO will tell you, especially if it's my dad asking.


Labbie said...

Jungle sex? Is that like jungle fever? Oh, I see... Hehehehe...

bricotrout said...

i feel ya doll! my resolution was to do 15 minutes of back exercises and stretches a day. i think i did for 2 days in early january. but ill be damned if im gonna give up the wild jungle sex! my tv is ALWAYS on animal planet!