Sunday, January 14, 2007

has anyone seen my bikini top? anyone?

i'm watching the bosses' kids all week, starting as soon as i get off work at the radio station at midnight. (well, technically as soon as i pull into their driveway, about half an hour after i get off work here at the radio station.) i've done this before, and i'm really looking forward to this week. i've got the bubble bath packed (they have one of those fancy garden tubs with the jets*), as well as my workout gear (helloooooo trampoline!), and as soon as i figure out where my favorite bikini is (that'd be for the jacuzzi, which, given the current state of my butt (still working on perfecting my "bikini butt" for the work trip to miami at the end of march), i will only be partaking of after sundown), i should be set.

i know, i know- it's terribly rough being me.

*as in the kind that blow the water around, not the 80s pop group

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