Sunday, January 21, 2007

here- let me get that spill for you.....

as i was driving to the radio this morning, i couldn't help but notice that the strip joint i pass along my route has already begun advertising for "the big game". (that would be code for "the superbowl", which we aren't actually allowed to mention by name on the radio.....something to do with copyrights and whatnot. i can only wonder what sort of assumptons borat would make about this. guess i'll have to hold out for the sequel to that excellent film- just as long as "the big game" can in no way whatsoever involve large, hairy, naked men.)

anyway, as i whizzed by at three miles under the speed limit (i mention this only because i know my dad peruses my blogs, and if he thinks i still have my leadfoot, the chances of my scoring the keys to the miata the next time i'm in town are practically nil), i noticed they're appealing to the male masses (and open-minded females, of course):

beer barbecue babes


february 4th

i'm sure i'm leaving something out, but even at 42mph (i swear!), i only had time for a quick glance at the sign.

i wonder if any of the employees have ordered their team color g-strings yet........perhaps with matching bibs for the barbecue?

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