Thursday, June 02, 2016

my last meal won't be rice cakes and tofu

i fielded a call this morning from a lady who needed to cancel an appointment, due to the death of her third close relative (by marriage) this year.
though none of the three were expected, she said the dearly departed this time around was "the healthiest member of the family". he watched what he ate, avoiding "bad" foods, exercised, took vitamins- the whole shebang.
"well, ma'am, i guess it just goes to show that depriving yourself of chocolate and doritos isn't necessarily going to make you live any longer."
she heartily agreed, and i finished taking down her info, told her again that i was sorry for her loss, and wished her safe travels and a good day.
i'm still in pursuit of a photoworthy bikini body, but i won't be giving up my favorite "bad" foods to do it.*
;) moderation: one of the best forms of compromise ;)
*i've still been able to have tacos at least a couple of days a week (i swap out a few ingredients to increase protein and calcium/cut out a few calories), and it's a sad night when i forget to pack a little chocolate square.

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