Thursday, June 30, 2016

in which i get political

i have been trying very hard to stay out of the political discussions, as both matters of politics and religion seem to divide more than they unite.
however, it's getting harder and harder to avoid the bickering, put-downs, and general negativity. (i thought campaigns were supposed to be about you're for- not just that you're against the other guy. clearly, this is not the way the system works anymore, or at least that's how it appears to this non-expert. my sister, however, with the poli-sci degrees, certainly would know more about this than i do.)
i swear, if i hear one more time that everyone needs to band together and vote for ("undesirable" candidate x) because ("undesirable" candidate y) is evil incarnate/belongs in dante's sixth ring of hell/has actually found a wrong way to eat a reese's, i'm going to have to actually start playing powerball in the hopes that i can win enough money to temporarily hole up somewhere in the caribbean until this election is over.
the thing that annoys me the most is that 90% of what's going around (much like an undesirable virus) is hearsay- some sort of meme or selectively copied and pasted accusations that speak not about the pros of one candidate, but the cons of the other.
so, please allow me a moment to share something that may help you turn down the noise a little and get back in touch with the reason* we even bother with elections in the first place- to try to elect a leader that represents a majority of our views and ideals:

*imho- again, i'm not the expert in the family.

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