Monday, October 29, 2012

on a roll over here.....

i don't know about you, but i'm my most productive when i'm procrastinating.

i have things to do today. actually, there's just one big thing that has to be done- a mountain of paperwork for job #3.

however, i'm having a hard time getting focused. i keep thinking of other things i need to do around here- the downside of working from home.

it's not that i haven't accomplished anything since i rolled out of bed. au contraire, mon frere.

10:00 am- rolled out of bed*

10:05 am- cat fed. green tea #1 brewed. morning whiz taken. witty observation posted on facebook.

10:10 am- ignore cat's threats to notify the aspca of my negligence, as her bowl is empty already and she is not-so-subtly rubbing against my leg in a way that guides me to the cabinet where her food is stored. notice kitchen counters are, well, kind of nasty.

10:20 am- kitchen counters have been scrubbed. ziploc baggies i meant to rinse a while back have been added to the recycle pile instead. green tea #2 brewed. morning whiz #2 taken.**

10:30 am- feline assault on ankles while i finish wrapping a care package for best friend from high school. throw handful of treats into another room to distract mini sabertooth for about a minute and a half. notice pile for goodwill is growing, but is not yet large enough to be carted off. decide to go through closet. i don't wear all of the hundred something t-shirts i own.

10:30:30 am: i haven't worn the purple tank top since i last hauled out my rasta overalls***, but it's the only shirt that matches them, and i should keep it, just in case.

10:31 am: but i love my collection of hard rock cafe shirts. can't get rid of those. they're collector's items!

10:33 am: but i love my collection of kdlx shirts. can't get rid of those. they're collector's items!

10:35 am: but i love my collection of columbia radio station shirts. can't get rid of those. they're collector's items!

10:40 am: add three whole shirts to the goodwill pile.

10:45 am: during whiz #3**, notice rubber duckie shower curtain's feeling the funk. spray it into submission with half a bottle of tilex. also notice cat had been gnawing on wallpaper in bathroom. admonish cat, who is too busy complaining about her empty food bowl to listen to what i have to say.

10:50 am: start dragging materials for job #3 into living room, as i can't work at desk, lest i be tempted to check facebook 50 bajillion times to see if anyone has responded to this morning's witty, insightful post.

10:52 am: you know, if i'm going to try to post to my blog daily, i should probably get today's post taken care of. otherwise, i may be too busy pondering what to write to get any work done. head to computer, stopping to fix comforter on bed along the way as, for once, its disheveled appearance bothers me.****

10:54 am: check facebook again. no one has responded to my witty, insightful post. perhaps the fun people aren't awake yet.

10:55 am: google chrome crashes while blogging.

10:55:30 am: google chrome crashes while blogging.

10:56 am: @#$%^&$$%^%ing google chrome! walk away for a minute, lest i give in to the temptation to beat my monitor with my keyboard.***** decide to use this time to hunt for cat's missing toys.

10:58 am: two balls, seven mice, and four toothmarks on my ankle later, i return to computer to post. cat follows me, threatening to call the authorities to report animal abuse, as her bowl has now been empty for over 45 minutes. bring to her attention her lack of opposable thumbs, preventing her from being able to dial the phone.

10:58:30 am: cat stages sit-in on top of computer keyboard. since chrome has crashed again anyway, return to kitchen to obtain more treats to buy myself approximately two minutes of peace.

11:00 am: close door to bedroom and sit back down at the computer. spend next 45 minutes alternating between typing and hitting "save", lest chrome go down again.

11:45 am: post finished. despite the fact that i have clearly accomplished a lot today, decide to spend rest of day working. for real.******

*before you give me a hard time about this, i'd like to point out that this is the time i usually get up on the weekends- after going to bed at roughly 7:15, as i work an overnight shift for job #4. apparently, my body got a little confused about the whole "weekday vs. weekend" thing. maybe the beatles were onto something with their "8 days a week" idea......

**perhaps i should slow down a little on the tea, huh?

***i'm pretty sure that was in college.

****my own disheveled appearance, however, is another matter. i'm not planning on leaving home, except to work out, and i can easily avoid mirrors until then, provided green teas #1 and #2 don't run through too quickly.

*****this is a thought i find myself entertaining more and more, since switching to chrome.

******just as soon as i feed the cat and brew another cup of tea, that is. 

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