Tuesday, October 30, 2012

of ecto cooler and lobster dinners

in honor of the upcoming holiday, last night at chez duff we had an ernie hudson film festival.

i was going to tell you all about it, from my pondering why hi-c no longer makes ecto cooler* to deciding whether or not the fact that i remember when brandon lee was killed while filming "the crow" qualifies me as a geezer or not to trying to work out why they still haven't made a sequel to the ghostbusters sequel**.

that was the plan.

however, the words just aren't flowing freely for me today.

eh, it happens.

so, instead of going into detail on all of the above, i'm going to present you with a preview of this evening's feature presentation:

*does anyone have a delorean i can borrow? i need to go back to 2001 and ask the powers that be over at Hi-C what right they have to kill Slimer.

**should the movie be made, i would like to suggest this addition to the cast. 

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