Sunday, October 31, 2010


five things i'm looking forward to

1. 50% off halloween candy at the grocery store in a few more days.
(hellloo, my many chocolatey friends.)

2. the morning after election day
(because every couple of years, i'm reminded that i'm a blue in a red state. however, i'm also a blue who can't stand nancy pelosi and thinks the democratic party would've been far better off without her in charge. it will be a relief to no longer hear ads talking about how (insert name of democratic candidate) is "a friend of pelosi". same goes for the negatively-toned mentions of "obamacare")

3. thanksgiving
(i need to run away from home every few months, or else i get a little stressed-out and stir crazy. my next solo trip won't be until the spring, but a change of scenery should be enough to restore sanity.)

4. the tron sequel, coming out around christmas
(i was too young to see the original in theaters, and given that i don't have a ginormous hdtv (SO's ancient tv still works, and i can think of other, more important things to fdo with several hundred bucks), this is as close as i'm going to get to recreating the missed experience.)

5. one day, probably in the far distant future, when katherine heigl will portray something other than an ultra type-a, demanding woman who picks a fight with the lead male character because he doesn't read her mind and conform to her schedule/plans and doesn't loosen up until 3/4 of the way through the movie.
(typecasting, anyone?)


Osbasso said...

Hi Duff!!!

duff said...

hey there, osbasso. how've you been? :~)