Sunday, November 07, 2010

never a dull moment

i'm such a sucker.

she showed up at work last monday, and i said if she were still around 24 hours later, i'd take her in.

my new roommate and i are still working out a few basic rules, but all in all, she's a good girl.

lesson #1: kittens are not allowed on kitchen counters. (the spray bottle has been an effective learning tool.)

lesson #2: it's just a cabinet door being opened. it's not that exciting. there's no need to sprint into the kitchen, leaving a trail on the carpet. finish whatever you were doing in the litterbox, instead.*

lesson #3: kitten food is in the kitten's bowl. it is not in the bowl of bermuda sand or on my plate, and it does not include any members of the cacti/succulent families.

still no name yet (wonder how the vet'll handle that tomorrow). i thought about setzer (as in brian- get it?), as well as shiva, the hindu deity ("detroyer of the universe"), but nothing's stuck yet. perhaps something will come to me this next week...and perhaps not. (frankly, getting the flying poop thing under control is a slightly higher priority.)

*the peals of laughter coming from the other end of the line as i tried to describe the situation to mama this afternoon in no way resembled the advice and support i was seeking.

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just some dude said...

What the hell?! Am I the only one that reads this thing anymore? This is a great post, you even mention "poop" and that's always funny! Well, great post, even if I'm the only one reading it. :-)