Sunday, October 24, 2010

excuse for not pounding out a real post this week #37

a pool table has mysteriously appeared at the radio station. after taking care of work-type necessities, i've been wandering down the hall to regain my mad pool least i remember being vaguely not-awful in high school, but it's a little fuzzy through the haze of, uh, the cigarette smoke in the bars.

i am nowhere near a pool shark yet; i am merely a guppy.

part of the secret to my success is having a helpful cue ball. it likes to show the other balls how to fall into the pockets.

(the preceding just sounds better than admitting i've sunk the thing so many times that robert ballard is thinking of putting together an expedition- i'm learning it's all in how you spin it.)


Sean said...

I assume the cue sticks are untainted?

duff said...

the departure of the defiler preceded the purchase of the pool set by many years. (were this not the case, i'd seriously consider going out and purchasing my own pool cue.)