Saturday, February 16, 2008

photos a go go

in what may be a record for me, i'm posting pictures from the bahamas a mere week and a half after getting home. (i know, i know- i thought the shock would do me in, too.) so, without further ado, a few highlights from my digital photo album:

at atlantis, even the fish are friendly.

bodhi and hot dog in front (well, technically, way behind) the atlantis hotel

are you tilting your head right now? you have my six year old sidekick to thank for this. i knew she had an unusual way of looking at the world.....

i can't remember the informative tidbit about exactly when this cloister was built, but i know french monks are responsible. william randolph hurst bought the cloister and brought it to the u.s., where it sat in a warehouse until one of the developers of paradise island bought it in 1962. it now sits across from versailles gardens.

"why the stern look?", you ask? i'm guessing it's because i probably just finished chewing out the ten year old for bickering with his sister.

while looking for an official link regarding the cloisters, i found something stating that the grounds aren't open to tourists but that one could view the cloister from the road. uh, oops. can i blame this one on the kids?

remember those skits lily tomlin used to do on sesame street where she was a little girl in a huge rocking chair? this reminds me of that. this also reminds me why it is unwise to wear a wet bikini top under a dry t shirt.

check out the rainbow in the background. this is only the third or fourth time i've been able to capture one on pixels.

queen's staircase, which was handcarved by slaves in the late 1700s. this place was breathtaking.

i have a really great picture of myself with my sidekick and her brother in front of the waterfall by queen's staircase, but since i haven't gotten permission from their parents to post it, i'm afraid this is all you're getting:

i fought the law, and the law won. locked up at fort fincastle, which is just up the hill from the queen's staircase.

i still don't know what the heck "sky juice" is. (i missed the sign going in, otherwise i would've surely asked for it.) i do, however, know the pleasures of eating conch salad....though i tried to do so in moderation, because otherwise i fear being harpooned the next time i don a bikini.


just some dude said...

Uhm, what rainbow? ;-)

The Rover said...

Yeah, what he said. You look great, and I am so impressed with your travels!

duff said...

dude: if i had my laptop with me, i'd totally pull it up in photoshop and draw helpful circles and arrows. but, i don't have it with me (SO's still borrowing it), so let's just say it appears to have flown out of my butt.

rover: you don't seem to be doing too shabby yourself :)