Friday, June 15, 2007

oh, you'll love this.....

as part of my pre-trip ritual, i always call my credit card company and warn them that i'm about to be on the move, and that i plan on adding to the local economy. (it's much less embarrassing than being declined while trying to support the local economy, i assure you.)

this evening, the helpful representative and i somehow got off on a tangent regarding the state of radio today, which i summed up by saying, "this sort of stuff was never covered on wkrp".

her response?

"oh- is that the station you work at?"

rapidly approaching 30 does not make me feel old. having a younger sibling with her own house does not make me feel old. encountering someone who seriously has never heard of a popular early to mid-80s tv show makes me feel old.

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Stef said...

I wonder how many people are in radio today because of WKRP...

(stef raises hand...)

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