Saturday, June 09, 2007

odds and ends

i imagine i'll get around to a coherent post tomorrow- roughly an hour after SO walks into my studio and says, "i told scott about the hike we took yesterday, and he wants to see pictures, so........."

until then, you're stuck with a rather disconnected update of sorts:

~i seem to be having an identity crisis. since we have a fancy gate at the radio station, one must carry their ID at all times in order to be able to drive around to the employees entrance. pulled up to the gate this morning, paused the ipod (didn't want to miss a moment of barry white), set the parking brake, reached down to pull my ID off of my keychain and..... it appears i'm laying on the ground somewhere in (most likely) northeast columbia. i'm hoping when i go in and beg for a new ID they'll let me retake my picture. quite frankly, that last one made me look like a thug. well, as much of a thug as a short chick who's completely out of touch with her inner bitch can be, anyway.

~i sent my fall out boy tickets back to ticketmaster after finding out that poison's going to be performing the same evening. when i was looking at tickets yesterday, i saw they had a "buy one get one free" special running.

guess they're having trouble filling the stadium, which is too bad. i mean, who wouldn't pay $39.50 (plus the $7.95 "sure, i'll bend over for you" i mean, err, "convenience charge") to hear "talk dirty to me" live?

i certainly am willing to pay it- especially since when i logged on this morning, i found out the hard way that it was a one time offer, and now i'm going to have to pony up full price for those coveted "back of the arena" seats. at least they're row g, so i won't be battling a bloody nose while trying to figure out which speck onstage is bret michaels.

oh- which reminds me- apparently there's some sort of "let's find a peroxide blonde (oh, hush, you- i haven't dyed in over 3 years now) with fake boobs to date bret michaels and boost ratings" thing coming to one of those "music" channels. that's not what got me, though- when i saw a writeup of the premise of the new show (forgive me- i can't remember what i was reading at the time, though i know it was neither the somerset maugham novel i just finished or the sc hiking book i've been staring at lately), i noticed the author of said piece spelled bret with a second "t".(sort of like brett canfield- my first big crush- but i digress.)

~i know i mentioned that tick i pulled off myself while driving home from the hike last weekend. did i tell you about the one i had pulled off of my hip monday night? the discovery was quite unsettling. there i was, reaching for the toilet paper, when i noticed something that simply should not have been hanging on my hip. i was surprisingly calm up until the point the bosses walked in from their dinner, at which point i gave him the opportunity of a lifetime:


you know, in the event i ever wind up out on the prowl again, i could totally work that line in a crowded bar. (after all, this is south carolina, folks.)

so, i'm pretty glad i stocked up on flea/tick spray when avon introduced it last year. i mean, initially i was bummed about winding up with 15 cans on hand, but now i'm thinking they could come in handy......

~at this moment one week from today, i'll be in charlotte, waiting to board a plane for phoenix. since i hate to come back to a messy apartment, i guess that means i should do some cleaning. then again, since i also hate coming home to an empty bank account, i should probably try to put in some extra hours at work. what a conundrum.

~since all the media outlets have jumped on it, i'll add my two cents:

suck it up, paris. a bj's not going to get you out of this one.

wait- maybe i didn't phrase that quite right.........

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