Tuesday, April 22, 2014

chivalry is not dead

so there i was, in the famous "panel under the steering column fell while i was driving and whacked me in the knee again" pose (i think they cover it in that form of yoga where they induce sweating through the use not of a hot room, but showing you mechanics' bills)- torso in the car, legs sticking out of the car, with my dad on speakerphone while i tried to make some minor repairs. all of a sudden, i hear a car pull up, and a male voice (not my dad's) offering assistance. i turned down the two vaguely not unattractive guys, telling them it was just a minor repair.

"are you sure? you look like you might be having some trouble."

"no, thanks. i've just got a couple of screws loose."

as they pulled away, my dad, who'd heard the whole thing, commented that it must have looked like i'd been struggling. i pointed out to him that i'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that i had my workout clothes on- including a short skirt.

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