Saturday, December 01, 2012

my latest shameful little secret

i should probably be ashamed of myself. 

i suppose i could blame it on being traumatized last weekend (scroll down if you missed the post), though, really, when the "victim advocate" called, i assured him that i really hadn't felt too victimized, as the perpetrator was unarmed. 

i could blame it on the phase of the moon, or this head cold i keep waking up with. 

however, realistically, i have only myself to blame. (well, myself and the catchy hook in this tune, which i have listened to more times than i should admit in the two days since my copy of "now that's what i call music 80"*):

never mind the fact that these guys hadn't been born by the time the new kids on the block released "step by step"- i dig them anyway. 

*the european series is soooooo much better than the american one


Osbasso said...

I was going to be disappointed in you, until I read your prior post. Yikes! Obviously your psyche has been jolted. I suggest oodles of 80's music to bring you back.

As for late night visitors...glad you're OK!

Anonymous said...

You're still absolutely adorable.

duff said...

osbasso: i took your advice, and bought an ipad so i could kick other people's butts in the 80's categories on songpop. :~)

anonymous: not everyone would agree with that assessment, but i'm pleased to hear someone thinks so. :~)