Sunday, September 07, 2008

we are currently experiencing technical difficulties.....

i’m afraid technology is not my friend this morning.

i came into work with such high hopes. SO is in town this weekend, and with him came my laptop, and i figured my best chance to use it to pound out a post would be this morning. i’d type up something witty and brilliant (well, as witty and brilliant as possible when one is trying hard not to catch up on sleep at work), throw it onto my blog, and the rest of the morning could be spent scribbling on avon brochures and working out at our state-of-the art fitness center. (i saw bangkok dangerous last night, and while my abs are decent, i couldn’t pull off the outfits the thai dancers wore, and therefore, i must hit the treadmill and weights until my stomach is so ridiculously taut that foreign currency may be bounced off of it.)

i was going to be so productive.

unfortunately, i had to toss that theory out the window around the third time i had to wheel a chair down the hall so i could reach the wireless router to reset it. (for those of you wishing to keep track at home, that was about five times ago. anyone who knows me well knows i don’t always give up easily.)

the first time i tried to log on, my computer informed me that the signal was about as strong as tea brewed by waving a twice-used teabag over a cup of hot water.

“no problem,” i thought, “i’ll just turn my wireless off and reset it.”

you know, the right solution never seems to be the simple fix, for some reason.

my next plan was to take a chair down the hall to the router, climb onto it, and unplug the router. that’s what the guys do (or at least, that’s all they claim they do) around here, and it’s the same thing i have to do at home…minus the chair, since my router is only about two feet off the ground.

two chairs later (i thought the first one would work, but quickly realized that i’d need either a booster seat or one of those super-elevating chairs if i wanted to be able to reach the thing….though grabbing a yardstick (don’t ask) and knocking the thing down like a piñata was also briefly considered), the signal my computer was receiving was about as strong as the willpower of a compulsive eater at a smorgasbord.

on the upside, all of this wandering back and forth between the studio and the router is probably sufficient enough to count as part of a cardio workout, and the scrambling onto and off of rolling chairs (while trying to keep my balance, i might add) should count for something as well.

for exactly what, i’m not sure- but it’ll give me something to ponder during the three or four more trips to the router that i’ll probably make before finally giving in, beating the thing with the aforementioned yardstick, and posting this from home during my inter-shift break.


Callie said...

Heck, I'd probably count it as my entire workout.

Good luck with the router thingie. When something like that happens to me, I just beat the darned things into submission, or turn them off, and try to forget about them for awhile. See, when they feel neglected, they tend to work better for you.


Motherdear said...

duff, I hate to tell ya, but the older you get, the harder it is to keep up with technology, too.

I'm lucky I can turn the darn computer on! And I'm still trying to figger out why my scanner doesn't make its R2D2 sound whenever I finally manage to turn on the computer.

By the way, regarding exercise?? Take it from me - 'exercise' is the only obscene word spelled with eight letters!

Nick van der Leek said...

what did yoiu think of Bangkok Dangerous?

just some dude said...

My good computer is dead. I call it Frankenputer IV, it's made of a bunch of assorted parts. I still have to find the sound effect from the 6 Million Dollar man for when it's trying to download my Pr0n for me. That would be cool.

duff said...

callie: i wound up copying my post onto a usb stick, then plugging it into a computer on the network and posting from there.

i'm pleased to report that the router seems to be working better this weekend, which is a good thing, because i have my tennis racquet in the car, and i'm not afraid to use it.

motherdear: should i be ashamed to admit that i just ran through a mental list of every obscene word i know? i can come up with several 7 letter ones, but you're right- "exercise" seems to be the only eight letter one.

nick: not one of cage's best, but it wasn't the worst movie i've seen lately, either. i'm still not sure what i think about the ending.....wasn't what i expected, but i suppose the directors thought it necessary to find a way to redeem the main character, while leaving an opening for possible sequels......

in short, there's better stuff out there, but i don't think it was quite as bad as some of the critics claim.

dude: frankenputer? does it have a bolt running along the base of the monitor? do you find yourself playing the violin to soothe it?

(bet you'll never guess what movie i have an urge to watch......)