Sunday, March 02, 2008

swept away for a moment by chance....

i have hooters on the brain.

no, not the kind that help fill out my bikini, and not the popular restaurant chain. i'm talking about the fine folks who brought you hits like "day by day" (my personal favorite) and, of course, "and we danced", which was stuck in my head until i started digging for the video link to "day by day".

okay, now that've just wasted half an hour jumping between videos on youtube, i need a moment to remember what on earth it was i sat down to write about in the first place. (it would probably help if i didn't have "(i'm gonna be) 500 miles" by the proclaimers playing in another window, huh?)

SO hasn't visited from charleston in a couple of weeks now. he was going to come out this weekend, but he's been slammed at work, so i've been on my own. no need to feel sorry for me, though- i managed to see two movies and attend a party this weekend, in addition to the 22 hours of work at the radio station i'm pulling this weekend...and let's not forget the kickass power nap i took between shifts earlier this afternoon. next weekend should be equally busy, but in a totally different way, as the bosses are heading off to another conference, and i'll have my sidekick and her brother in their absence. i still have to sit down with a map, hiking guide, and my list of nat'l park passport stamping locations so i can figure out what sort of trouble we'll try to get into, but i've got other matters to attend to first (like a 50th birthday present). SO is expected to join us for at least part of the weekend- at the very least, to drop off my laptop and his digital camera, both of which will be making the trip to hawaii with me later this month.

so,yesterday's matinee made the fourth movie i've seen solo in the past two weeks. sadly, i must report that ryan reynolds does not spent a large portion of definitely, maybe running around without a shirt, and i'm still trying to figure out when kevin kline started looking old. however, that aside, it wasn't half bad. (i liked charlie bartlett, which i caught friday after work, much better, though.)

post-movie, i ran errands yesterday. i needed footwear to go with the dress i wore to last night's party, as well as a card, and i made a pilgrimage to walgreens to get one of the photos from the bahamian vacation printed for the birthday boy.

somewhere along the way, i found myself sucked in by a sale at aeropostale (1 pair of jeans and 3 tops for under $60), which was almost as much of a mood booster as getting accused of being 21 when i picked up my photos. (the poor guy got so flustered when i broke it to him that he was almost a decade off, that he handed by my ten dollar bill, plus my change. a situation i resolved before sprinting out of the store in my newly acquired heels.)

i wound up 5 minutes late for my rendezvous with my party companions (okay. fine- 15, if you go by my originally promised time), and i'm pleased to report that the party went really, really well. most of the evening was spent twirling my sidekick around the dance floor, which ordinarily i wouldn't be caught dead doing (as i like to say, "other partygoers aren't drunk enough for me to dance"), but hey- life's short, and as long as i'm clothed, i don't have to worry about anything too embarrassing showing up on the internet when i'm rich and famous.

i mean really, do i want anyone wasting half an hour on youtube watching me dance? especially when i'm clearly drinking sprite, and therefore cannot blame my utter lack of rhythm on alcohol?

i think not.


MPH said...


Look who got the itch to write again. New Blog:

soso said...


Callie said...

Good sales rock.

Getting mistaken for 10 years younger TOTALLY rocks.

Glad you had a good time at the party.

And if you're already in Hawaii - go get a tan!!!!

just some dude said...

Hmmmm, I have hooters on the brain too, but it's that other kind of hooters for me.

duff said...

mph: i haven't made it over there yet, but i will.....just as soon as i finish sorting out the hawaiian photos.

soso: eh- i'll grow on you.

callie: i was too busy hiking to get a tan. pictures to follow, hopefully later on today.

dude: craving chicken wings, eh?