Saturday, December 29, 2007

waiting on a jet plane.....

okay- so that's not really how the song goes, but i'm taking a little creative license here, and since i've already been up for two hours now, humor me, okay?

this post is being brought to you this morning by the sheraton at the bangor airport, which is kind enough to provide free internet access to guests, and those of us willing to freeze our butts off sitting by the doorway so we can catch a signal. since it's a whopping 29 degrees outside (and snowing!), i hope you can appreciate the sacrifice i'm making here.

i thought about publishing my holiday letter on here a couple of weeks ago, just because, in my ever-so-humble opinion, it's the funniest thing i've written in awhile. however, i started contemplating how impersonal we've become- the handwritten letter has given way to the generic letter (i'm guilty of that one, though i always scribble in the card, too), and this year, i even witnessed folks not only printing out generic photo cards, but printing the envelopes, too. i don't think pen actually touched paper anywhere in the process. i even received a couple of generic letters via email. i'm all for saving time and money and all that, but that warm fuzzy feeling one gets while putting cards up on the wall (tell me i'm not the only one who still does this) is diminished just a little when you have to raid your email to print them out first.

then again, maybe it's just me.

so, my holiday masterpiece, though it would've been a fairly easy post, isn't going to show up here anytime soon. if you want to know what you missed, scroll down and check out the ireland posts (i know, i know- i still need to pound out the last few posts in the series), the grand canyon post, and add a "happy/merry whatever holiday is closest to the time you receive this" at either end.

wow- that was a little ranty. perhaps not the best way to end a year. so, instead, let me share with you a really bad photo of me, enjoying something i haven't had in south carolina in years:

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