Saturday, December 01, 2007

i want a doctor to take a picture.....

this'll be short- i'm a couple weeks late sitting down to compose my annual holiday letter, and if i have any hope of mailing the last one before, oh, valentine's day, i need to get the thing written this weekend.

however, i can now honestly say that you haven't lived until you've been in a car with two ten year old who were pondering the meaning behind "turning japanese" by the vapors. they finally decided that the only way to turn japanese would be to marry someone japanese at a very young age, because after a while, you'd start to look like them. (sort of like dogs and owners who start to look alike after a while, i guess.)

i had a hard time staying on the road, since i was laughing so hard.

interestingly enough, when i explained this to both the father of one of the 10 year olds and SO, i had to explain the meaning behind the title. am i that much of a music nerd, or is it not common knowledge that the song is about the same subject mater as "dancing with myself" and "she bop"?

ok- enough of that smut. i have a letter to write.

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Kal said...

Being the biggest tull geek ever (or just geek...) I can add "Roll Yer Own" to the list of self-love songs...


Hope you had a good christmas Duff!