Monday, December 15, 2014

if at first you don't succeed....

occasionally, i'll post my most interesting/ridiculous call of the evening.
i really thought my winner this morning would be the woman who thought her water line was broken because she only has cold water coming out of her faucet.*
oh, was i wrong.
we have an account where we handle media clearance calls for an airport system halfway across the country. apparently, they're doing construction at one of the airports, and every tv station in town wants to jump in and cover the story.
one particular station has called me not once, not twice, but thrice.**
call #1: asking for clearance. i gave them the lower level only, to keep them out of the way of construction upstairs.
call #2: cameraman has gotten their van stuck on the lower level. might i be able to hail security to help them back out?
(when i called my contact at the airport, she guessed which station was having the issue- mostly because they'd done the exact same thing a couple of years ago, taking out an antenna and an overhang in the process. needless to say, someone from security was dispatched immediately to provide aid.)
call #3: crew is now upstairs. since work will not begin upstairs until this afternoon, could i give them clearance. (i tried patiently explaining, as kindly as possible, that they were not cleared to be up there, but they were persistent. i called my contact for the account, apologized for the wake-up call, and explained the problem to him.
my instincts were right. logic prevailed.
more importantly, since my caller refused to accept my denial, the account contact was willing to have a chat with the caller, adding the weight of their authority to my words.
*i suggested that her hot water heater might be the more likely culprit.
**every time i use the word "thrice" i want to add something about "chicken soup and rice". i think maybe i read that book a couple times too many during my formative years,

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