Thursday, June 20, 2013

cue up track six on "eliminator"

when i try to write a post after a long absence, i always seem to half-write a couple of things, only to wind up ditching them as soon as they start to feel kind of clunky. then, if i'm lucky (and my short attention span hasn't pulled me toward yahoo headlines or the pile of paperwork that i really ought to be doing), i wind up pounding out something brilliantly funny and/or perceptive* to tide you over for another fortnight (or two, or three) until the mood strikes me again. 

i make no promises of brilliance this evening. 

however, i can promise that i'm no longer going to ponder why my posts went from daily to bilmonthlyish (blame facebook), or discuss calls received at my full time job this evening.**

instead, this evening, i'm going to share something that has kind of thrown me for a loop. 

the main reason for my infrequent posting is that my time is basically divided between juggling my three jobs, napping in between said jobs, and trying to squeeze in some exercise in an effort to keep my somewhat sedentary jobs from taking their toll on my derriere. 

as a result, the bills are paid, i'm not completely sleep deprived***, and apparently i have a secret admirer. 

yes, you read that right. 

i. have. a. secret. admirer. 

while that sinks in, watch this:

(i chose this version, as opposed to the original, because i think guillermo's sweet dance moves really need to catch on.)

okay. so, now that you've seen hot girls, let's get back to talking about me.

the past three days, i've been filling in at the radio station, while the coworker i'm filling in for fills in for someone else, who happens to be on vacation this week. since my favorite place to work out (the columbia canal) is on the way home from the radio station, i've been wearing workout clothes to work so i can leave work, go to the canal and run or rollerblade, and then head home for my pre full-time shift nap at the answering service. since it's been hot out, i wore shorts two days and a running skirt i picked up at target (like this, but in hot pink) the third. 

apparently, the skirt made an impression. 

this secret admirer (still "secret", as my source refused to cough up any details, aside from the fact that i don't know this person, which narrows the possibilities by about ten people, as i honestly couldn't pick most of the folks in that building out of a lineup, as i'm usually only there on weekends) apparently has a thing for my legs.

admittedly, i'm flattered. floored- given that i consider my thighs a slight area of concern (damned cellulite)- but flattered. 

however, there's a little part of me that, despite the ego boost of being told that the sight of me in a bikini probably wouldn't scare too many people, is whining, "wait a minute! what about my mind? my sparkling personality? my impeccable taste in music?"

it's a little part, though- one that's easily drowned out by the new song i'm practicing for karaoke night: 

*or at least it seems that way to me at three in the morning, when the green tea i sip while at work is starting to wear off. 

**oh, i'm a little tempted, especially given the number of pregnant teenagers i've heard from lately, but that's probably best saved for an epic post later. 

***though a nap sounds really, really good right now

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