Saturday, February 16, 2013

this evening's financial advice: buy stock in green tea, coke, and pepsi

it's been over a month, and i've had the chance to write, well, pretty much zip. 

actually, i suppose that's not quite correct- i guess i have had the chance, but doing paperwork for job #3 and sleeping have been taking up my otherwise free time because:

1) it's important to pay the bills and 

2) it's important to sleep so one can function well enough to work to pay the bills. 

there was an interesting development yesterday that affects both of the above. it wasn't really what i'd planned on writing about this evening*, but sometimes one must just go with the flow, right? 

you know all those studies that have come out recently regarding working third shift and the effects on one's health? no? look here.....and here.... and here.

i mention this because i've been promoted to working overnights full time, which is a raise of a couple of bucks an hour, but i'm a little worried about the new health risks. i mean, i've been covering two overnight shifts a week since i started this job back in september, but by the end of the weekend, the nap/work combo usually leaves me completely wiped out. 

i'll be covering five nights a week in this new position. so far, i've asked for thursday nights off (it's the night i hang out with my friends each week), but i still have to determine what my second night off will be. i'm leaning towards friday nights (it's really hard to talk myself into running in a saturday morning race after being up all night- especially when i have to be at job #2 by 11am), but after reading the articles above, i'm not sure it wouldn't be wiser to take maybe sunday or monday night off so i can catch up on sleep. thankfully, i have a few days to make up my mind. 

actually, i guess "a couple of nights to make up my mind" might be slightly more accurate. 

*remind me to tell you sometime about a recent conversation regarding wyoming and class disparity.

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