Sunday, June 12, 2011

when in doubt, just shoot it....

i had such high hopes for this afternoon. i was going to spend a few minutes goofing around on facebook (okay, about 90 of them), check the updates over at, and then i was going to settle in and crank out 5-6 hours of work for job #3.

parts one and two of my master plan went off without a hitch. however, the work laptop, which was working perfectly well this morning, seems to have gone on strike, impeding my ability to conquer the third (and, arguably, most important) task on today's "to do" list.

since everything lit up, except for the screen, i thought i might be able to work around the problem by simply hooking up another monitor.

riiiiiiight. technical difficulties are rarely solved that easily, and this case is no exception.

so, rather than test the laptop's usefulness as a frisbee (not likely, as the thing is several years old and probably wouldn't fly more than 5 or ten feet), i decided to channel my frustrations in some other way.

one of the perks of working here at the radio station is that one has access to a full-sized pool table, which is located back in the sales department. (granted, it's a little too close to a couple of walls, but i'm sure that was done on purpose, in order to enable us to work on our "trick" actually being able to hit a ball into a pocket after shooting with your cue about 80 degrees in the air.)

anyway, i decided a game or two of pool would satisfy my desire to hit something, and improve my bad mad pool skillz (all the cool kids still use "z"s to make things plural instead of "s"s, right?) at the same time.

game one went well enough. i pocketed all of the stripes, followed by the solids, though it took me about twenty minutes to clear the table.

game two showed further improvement.....well, sorta. i got all of the solids off the table in about five minutes (yay!), followed by, well, let's just say i was able to pocket the cue ball with startling frequency.

i was going to play myself three times, but decided to call it a draw after two. (i am a sore loser, what can i say?)

so, with high hopes, as soon as i finish this post, i'm going to attempt to turn the laptop on one more time. if it's still feeling temperamental, perhaps i'll show it what i can do with a pool cue.


just some dude said...

You just need to bang on the side of the laptop, sometimes the electrons get stuck and banging on it will unstick them. Really, I'm a professional. Got mad troubleshooting skillz yo! I'm pretty sure all the cool kidz still say "yo" at the end of every sentence too! ;-)

duff said...

i was thinking about seeing if mistress cleo could give some sort of tech support over the phone. any thoughts?

just some dude said...

Mistress Cleo would be the best, but she's tough to get a hold of. I think most of the people you see on TV after about 2:30 am would be able to help. They always seem to be very knowledgeable, oh wait, sorry. They got mad skillz yo!

Bobby said...

laptops are infuriating. I guess actually pc's are infuriating. As well as life. life is also infuriating.

Ok, I'm done.