Sunday, January 31, 2010

five lame excuses for not posting last weekend

1. still traumatized over car's illness- which nearly led to yours truly having to pull over with car trouble in the first well-lit parking lot i passed after getting off work at midnight two weeks ago tonight.

pro: there would have been lots of guys who could have potentially helped me out.

con: said establishment was a strip joint

2. consumed too much caffiene during work and couldn't concentrate long enough to spend an hour pounding out a post.

3. my (friend's) dog ate it.

4. too busy rereading the tao of pooh.

5. knew computer crash was eminent. didn't want to spend its final hours posting.

(actually, it wasn't a full crash- just an update that somehow made everything kerflooey. the incident monday was followed by my office computer being invaded by a nasty russian virus on wednesday that threw out a bunch of pop-ups, blocked my virus scanner (which finished its morning cycle about three minutes after the first popup, and assured me everything was ok), and repeatedly sent me to a fake viagra site, as well as a rather charming porno site that offered "dirty chat" (and poor grammar). i have no idea what the official name of the virus was, but some blend of "rasputin" and "hydra" would've been appropriate.)


just some dude said...

Hmmm, I vaguely remember you talking about a career change a while back. Are you sure you were driving past said strip joint? ;-)

Happy Jack said...

Hey! Is this thing on!?

Bobby said...

Hope all is better.

just some dude said...

You still there?