Thursday, November 01, 2007

pass me another slice....

i'm the first to admit it: i'm terribly stubborn- perhaps even to a fault. i'm told i come by it honestly- both of my parents are stubborn as all get-out, which, it suddenly has occurred to me, may be one of the reasons their marriage didn't work out. i mean, both of you can't be right all the time, can you?

i have always tried to argue my point- firmly convinced that beetlejuice was released by orion pictures (nope- geffen- though you have to admit that orion makes more sense, since betelgeuse is one of the main stars in the orion constellation), that kevin kline and the guy who played larry on three's company are somehow related (not so much), and that led zeppelin and nirvana are both overrated (you have to admit i have a point there).

however, i have always lacked the debate skills of my sibling, and have noticed lately that despite my stubbornness, i often find myself compelled to google my arguement and, upon learning that i'm well, wrong- though i prefer to think of it as "not fully informed"- call/write/dispatch a carrier pigeon to whomever i just finished arguing with to apologize.

tonight, the call was only five minutes after the conversation, due to my carefully honed googling skills.

for the record, (lest you find yourself currently "not fully informed") england came off of daylight savings time on october 28th, which means they're only four hours ahead of the east coast, and this:


is a slash, not a backslash, which means i've been backwards for the past- oh- 15-20 years.

(when i called daddy, an admitted computer nerd, about this, he said he, too was confused on the slash/backslash issue, which was some consolation, until he added "...for about a week.")


Ren said...

So was I... For about a day.

Sexy pirate, by the way... Very sexy.

Now, can you head over to my blog and help me help others? Thanks!

mr_g said...

...and I thought Slash was that dude in the top hat...

duff said...

ren: so it's settled- i'm officially retarded, yet i make a fairly decent looking pirate.


g: yes- it's a little known fact that he was once a siamese twin. however, he and his brother, backslash, were joined at the wrist, which severely hampered slash's guitar playing.....